Rescue Pictures – 43 Lucky Kitties

I’m slowly catching up on my rescue pictures from June and July. Today’s blog has pictures of 43 lucky kitties. Whom are now enjoying life after being rescued from HAS.

Hope Everyone enjoyed the Beautiful weekend. Wishing all a GREAT week.

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Rescue Pictures 48 + 9 Rats

Below are the promised rescue pictures of the cats and rats I have helped transport in the last month and a bit. As always, there are so many people that helped make these rescue pictures possible. Cat rescue really is a team effort and requires people working together to make it happen.

A few comments about the pictures below:
I was asked to help transport cats from a hoarding situation. It took a couple months of planning by a couple dedicated people to help 11 cats in a hoarding situation have a whole lot brighter future.

Along with a fear of snakes, I also am not fond of rats near me. But when I was asked to help transport 9 rats from HAS to safety, I couldn’t say no. It is always good for a person to do something out of their comfort zone and for me transporting the rats was definitely that. It is a good feeling to have accomplished something outside my comfort zone and good that none of the rats got loose in my car.

97836 – Handsome face is swollen as he was trying to escape the trap someone had him in for 4 days before taking him to HAS. This sweet neutered male was at some point someone’s pet. Hopefully karma finds these people.

96811 – Was left at SPCA, with a note to find her a good home. People need to be educated on having a pet is a privilege, life time commitment and what could have happened to this sweet girl, if a rescue had not taken her.

96826 – What a HAM. Loved this guy, he has now been adopted into a forever home.

I have transported some great black kittens / cats lately with a ton of purrsonality. I don’t know why black kittens and cats are the last to be adopted, as they usually have a ton of purrsonality and are so entertaining to be with. I think people need to focus less on the outside packaging and more on the inner beauty within. Maybe they would be happier.

Have a Great Day Everyone – More rescue pictures soon…

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Doing the dishes – Kitty Style

Much to my surprise, the kitties decided to help out by doing the dishes. Not sure why, as we don’t expect them to do anything as mundane as household chores. I guess they realized that we have been busy lately and wanted to help out, so we would have more time to spend with them. They are so thoughtful!

Dishes - Kitty style

I’m not sure which kitties helped with the dishes, but I’m sure Taylor had a BIG part to play in doing the dishes. Taylor is always looking for new adventures.

The kitties did phone a friend to see how to load the dishwasher, as they forgot to hang up the phone.

Can’t wait to see what the kitties will do next. Maybe they will want to learn how to scoop the kitty litter. Now I’m all for that.

Thank you Kitties for all your help.

Life wouldn’t be the same without them. Good thing they are super cute.

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Rescue Pictures 40

Satan now George[/caption]I’m back. I can’t believe it has been so long since I have blogged. Life has been extremely busy lately. The month of May flew by, between work, school, family commitments and cat rescue. I haven’t had much chance to sit down and edit my rescue pictures to post.

There are so many people to thank for making these rescue pictures possible. If it wasn’t for working together a lot of these rescue pictures would not be possible.

Look for more rescue pictures shortly… Just need to edit more pictures.

Have a GREAT Day,

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36 Rescue Pictures

I can’t believe it has been almost two months since I posted rescue pictures. Not sure where the time goes. As someone mentioned to me it’s < 9 months until Christmas. I'm just looking forward to the warmer weather hopefully coming soon. Unfortunately, that does mean kitten season will be in full swing.

The pictures below are of 35 lucky kitties and 1 guinea pig that I have helped transport in the last couple months. Thank you Everyone for all you do in helping the cats have the lives they deserve.

As always, if you are interested in a cat you see here, please let me know, and I will have the rescue organization contact you.

Have a GREAT Day everyone,

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Happy Birthday Grandma and Happy Furever Home Lola

Today is my Grandma Lola’s 104th Birthday. Grandma is still doing amazingly well for 104. She still crochets, and her memory is better than most peoples. Grandma is really an amazing lady, it is hard to imagine all the changes she has seen and been a part of in her life time. She had nine kids. She has many talents, that have trickled down to her family. I have learned much from my Grandma. Grandma now lives with my Mom.

It is hard to know what to get my Grandma for her birthday, there isn’t much she needs. Grandma’s Birthday request for years has always been the same – pop tabs. This year all the tabs collected are donated and the money goes to a camp that helps burn victims. Plus spend time with her, which I do every chance I get, though not as often as I would like. For my Grandma’s 101 Birthday, I decided I would foster a cat from HAS named Lola, through ACR. Lola was a very sweet 2 yrs young black cat. We have fostered a couple cats from HAS named Lola in honour of my Grandmother. Not surprisingly, they are both great cats. The second Lola we renamed Taylor (Grandma’s maiden name), whom we are still fostering.

ACR held a black cat adopt-a-thon at PetSmart this weekend. As I was working Dean took Lola to the event in the hopes that her loving furever home would be looking for her. Lola wasn’t even there two hours when her new mom Leslie arrived. Dean was there to check her out, to make sure she was good enough for our Lola. She was. Lola, our black beauty, has been with us for three years; it was hard to let her go. But she was meant for GREATER things than to be our foster girl. Lola now has a family to call her own. Thank you Leslie, for giving Lola the Loving Furever Home she deserves. I’m sure Lola agrees it was worth the wait.

Picture of Grandma and Lola
Grandma and Lola

Happy 104th Birthday Grandma and Happy Furever Home Lola, we love you both.

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Pixie Doodle

Last Weekend, I had the opportunity to see one of my past fosters (our 2nd). When I adopted her out I knew I would be okay as a foster, as I really really wanted to keep her, but that is not the point of fostering. And I would not have been able to continue fostering which I wouldn’t want to imagine the fate of what could have happened to my other foster kitties, if we didn’t foster them. I would rather have my heart broken, than theirs not beating. Like most of my fosters, Pixie Doodle is a past resident of HAS.

Pixie (nickname Pixie Doodle, because it fits) was adopted to one of the guys in the wine club Dean is in. They held their annual club judging at Pixie’s home. So I dropped Dean off, as he was one of the organizers, and was able to get my “Pixie Doodle” fix. What a beautiful cat. Pixie Doodle looked awful when we first got her home to foster her – the tips of her ears had fallen off due to frost bite, and she was under weight. Dean wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. All she needed was TLC. Now she’s a real beauty. Here are some before and after pictures of Pixie Doodle.

Thank you ACR for allowing us to foster Pixie Doodle.

Congratulations Dean on receiving silver for each of the three bottles of wine you entered. Love you and Pixie Doodle too.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone.

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Cavannah goes to Montreal

This past weekend was Family Day long weekend in Ontario. Dean and I delivered Cavannah to her new furever loving home in Montreal.

Cavannah’s Mom saw a picture of Cavannah and it was instant love. Cavannah’s new home includes two older brothers, Max and Tom, who are adjusting to their new sister.

The latest update from Cavannah’s mom:

She is doing very well – and oh my, she is very chatty! Not as much as Max, but… I think they’ll be in cahoots soon! She’s very playful and quite silly now that she’s more settled 🙂

My vet did a home visit on Wednesday, and of course that’s the day she chose to start eating like her life depended on it, and stopped sneezing. Since then, she’s gobbling up pretty much everything, with a clear preference for fishy stuff. I just bought a small bag of Orijen and she is loving it (some jealousy issues with the boys, but they’ll get over it).

She goes right up and head-butts them, Max is getting to be fine with it, Tom is still a little weary (I believe he tried a 24h hunger-strike, but that didn’t work very well). But they all sleep on the bed at night – I’m going to need a bigger bed I think…

A brief history on Cavannah: Last spring Cavannah and her 6 siblings were surrendered to HAS by their owner’s family when their owner went into the hospital and could no longer look after them. Cavannah and her siblings were all rescued by a few different rescues – most have found their new furever homes.

It may have taken Cavannah a little while to find her loving furever home, but I’m sure Cavannah will tell you the wait was worth it. Thank you to all who helped rescue Cavannah, so she could have the bright future with Sarah and her new brothers she so rightfully deserves. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

Pictures of Cavannah on her way to Montreal and settling into her new home.
Cavannah on her way to Montreal

Cavannah relaxing at her new home

Cavannah relaxing at her new home1


This was my first visit to Montreal and definitely not my last, hoping my next visit will be in warmer weather. Dean and I spent the rest of the weekend touring old Montreal. What a beautiful place. Lots of GREAT places to eat and see. I can’t wait to go back in the warmer weather to explore more of Montreal. One of many true regrets is that I do not speak French, but everyone I met in Montreal was bilingual and accommodating to my lack of French.

A few pictures we took of Old Montreal.

It really was very fitting to be taking Cavannah to her furever home on the Family Day Long weekend. It was also a great chance to spend some time with Dean.

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Rescue Pictures 29

Attached are the rescue pictures of 25 HAS cats, 2 non HAS cats and 2 guinea pigs I have helped transport.

All the cats are now safely in rescue looking for their furever home, with the exception of the little black kitten who crossed the rainbow bridge shortly after being rescued. Thank you Karen for doing everything you could to try to save him.

Phoebe and Patches are two guinea pigs I helped transport part way to their new furever home.

As always, if you are interested in a cat you see here, please let me know, and I will have the rescue organization contact you.

My rescue cart pictures feature two HAS employees that are working with rescue organizations to get more cats rescued.

Thank you Everyone for all you do to help make the world a better place.

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Red Rover Responder – Volunteer

Last Saturday I attended the Red Rover Responder training in London.

Friday night I stayed at my Mom’s, as London is closer to her home than mine and training was starting bright and early Saturday morning. Which was GREAT as I don’t get to spend as much time with my family as I would like. Two of my nephews, Dylan and Nathan, also spent the night. Dylan surprised me by getting up at 6 am and making me crepes. Honestly the BEST crepes I have ever had. I ate every last bite. I LOVE you Guys!!!
Crepes by Dylan

For the people who are not familiar with Red Rover Responder’s, Red Rover shelters and cares for animals displaced by natural disasters, puppy mills, hoarding, and other cases of cruelty and neglect in the United States and Canada.

The Red Rover Responder training was GREAT. I do wish the training was a full day. Lots to learn and a lot of interesting animal lovers taking the training.

Looking forward to volunteering with Red Rover and helping the animals on their journey to a better life.

Side note: I love visiting London, it is one of my old stomping grounds and I have many fond memories of London.
A couple of my favourite must visit places in London
White Oaks Mall – One of my favourite places to shop. My mom would always take me shopping there after my doctor appointments.
Tony’s Pizza – They have the best panzarotti I have ever had. A must stop whenever I’m in London.
Wisdom Tea – Is a GREAT little independently owned tea shop, I just discovered this weekend. Lots of different loose leaf teas to choose from.

I hope everyone is safely enjoying our Canadian Winter Snow.

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