February’s Transport Rescue 28 Cats and Jack

Below are the pictures of the 28 cats I helped transport in February. They are all safely waiting for their furever people to find them. Plus the first dog I’ve helped transport, Jack.

Thank you to all who helped make these rescue pictures possible. By working together, we can make a difference and one day all cats will have the happy life they so deserve.

It’s hard to believe I have transported hundreds of cats, a dozen plus guinea pigs and rats, a few bunnies and even a boa constrictor, but never a dog in the 3 plus years I have been helping with transport until Jack. I was asked to help transport Jack.

Jack’s transport was different than my other transports; he didn’t need to be rescued, his family loves him very much. In January I picked Jack up at the airport and transported him to Guelph. He was flying into Toronto from Newfoundland for a 5 week stay at the University of Guelph Animal Cancer Centre for treatments. Jack had been diagnosed with cancer at only 3 years young, and the best place for Jack’s cancer to be treated successfully was at Guelph’s Animal Cancer Centre, in Guelph Ontario. What an AMAZING place the Animal Cancer Centre is. They gave Dean and I a tour of the Centre, where Jack would be staying for 5 weeks. Since Jack lived so far away and would be staying at the centre during his treatment, the staff was looking at ways to make Jack’s stay as pleasant as possible. In other words, Jack was going to be spoiled during his stay. They also kept in constant contact with Jack’s mom with updates on how Jack was doing, by phone and email. Jack received the all’s clear to go home on Valentines day. When we picked Jack up at the centre to go home, you could tell Jack was well looked after during his hospital stay. Wishing you Jack a long and happy life. Also wishing my father in law Jack the same recovery from his cancer battle.

Wishing Everyone a long and happy life.

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4 Responses to February’s Transport Rescue 28 Cats and Jack

  1. Connie says:

    What a nice story about Jack the dog. And of course all the little kitties who are on their way to finding a forever home.

  2. FITZ says:

    Great work as usual Kim. Well done everyone!

  3. Donna MacRae says:

    This is an amazing site- thank you so much from a fellow animal rescuer in Smiths Falls Ontario -I am very impressed by your write up on Hamilton Animal Services (HAC) and the statistics you have provided. Great job.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for sharing good news and pics of another big rescue. Jack is very fortunate to have such a dedicated family send him for treatment. Happy drives!

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