Rescue Pictures 17 Lucky Cats

Attached are the rescue pictures of the 17 lucky kitties, that I helped transport last week.

PS – It is very hard to take a picture of 4 little kittens full of energy and life.

Thank you to Everyone for making these rescue pictures possible.

Have a GREAT Weekend,

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3 Responses to Rescue Pictures 17 Lucky Cats

  1. Connie Archambault says:

    Hee hee when is it ever easy to take good pictures of kittens, unless they are sleeping. I’ve tried and failed oh so many times.

  2. Rebekah Bennett says:

    Great to see a couple of black adults in the mix! Makes my day to think of all of these kitties being rescued! Thank you!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for rescuing them all Love that orange & white guy. Hope they’re all in foster homes/adopted.

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