Cavannah goes to Montreal

This past weekend was Family Day long weekend in Ontario. Dean and I delivered Cavannah to her new furever loving home in Montreal.

Cavannah’s Mom saw a picture of Cavannah and it was instant love. Cavannah’s new home includes two older brothers, Max and Tom, who are adjusting to their new sister.

The latest update from Cavannah’s mom:

She is doing very well – and oh my, she is very chatty! Not as much as Max, but… I think they’ll be in cahoots soon! She’s very playful and quite silly now that she’s more settled đŸ™‚

My vet did a home visit on Wednesday, and of course that’s the day she chose to start eating like her life depended on it, and stopped sneezing. Since then, she’s gobbling up pretty much everything, with a clear preference for fishy stuff. I just bought a small bag of Orijen and she is loving it (some jealousy issues with the boys, but they’ll get over it).

She goes right up and head-butts them, Max is getting to be fine with it, Tom is still a little weary (I believe he tried a 24h hunger-strike, but that didn’t work very well). But they all sleep on the bed at night – I’m going to need a bigger bed I think…

A brief history on Cavannah: Last spring Cavannah and her 6 siblings were surrendered to HAS by their owner’s family when their owner went into the hospital and could no longer look after them. Cavannah and her siblings were all rescued by a few different rescues – most have found their new furever homes.

It may have taken Cavannah a little while to find her loving furever home, but I’m sure Cavannah will tell you the wait was worth it. Thank you to all who helped rescue Cavannah, so she could have the bright future with Sarah and her new brothers she so rightfully deserves. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

Pictures of Cavannah on her way to Montreal and settling into her new home.
Cavannah on her way to Montreal

Cavannah relaxing at her new home

Cavannah relaxing at her new home1


This was my first visit to Montreal and definitely not my last, hoping my next visit will be in warmer weather. Dean and I spent the rest of the weekend touring old Montreal. What a beautiful place. Lots of GREAT places to eat and see. I can’t wait to go back in the warmer weather to explore more of Montreal. One of many true regrets is that I do not speak French, but everyone I met in Montreal was bilingual and accommodating to my lack of French.

A few pictures we took of Old Montreal.

It really was very fitting to be taking Cavannah to her furever home on the Family Day Long weekend. It was also a great chance to spend some time with Dean.

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2 Responses to Cavannah goes to Montreal

  1. Nicola says:

    Fantastic, you do get around, thank you

    Sent from my iPhone Nicola Ransom-Brown

  2. fitz says:

    Such a wonderful success story
    Congratulations to Cavannah and her lucky new family

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