Christmas Pictures of Past Fosters

I thought I would share a few Christmas pictures of our past fosters.

Wheatley – I guess you could say she was our very first foster kitty. The short version – we found Wheatley while camping at Wheatley Provincial Park, apparently she had been wandering around the park for a couple weeks. We didn’t want anything bad to happen to her, so we took her home with us to Hamilton. Dean’s brother adopted her.

Wheatley - Christmas1

James Dean – Is a HAS cat that we fostered a few years ago now. He was a stray that came into HAS, his name on petfinder was Dean. I just couldn’t let Dean die. Abandoned Cat Rescue agreed I could foster him and another cat named Gretzky (now Teddy Bear). One of Abandoned Cats fundraisers that year was Christmas Cards featuring James Dean and a few other cats. James Dean – you just couldn’t help falling in love with this guy.

Christmas - James Dean

Edie – Is a HAS cat we fostered a couple years ago. Her name at HAS was Tekla, her foster name was Spring. Edie is one of those cats that you know must have been royalty in another life. She gives kisses and flirts with the boys. A very sweet girl. Edie’s mom sent us her Christmas picture. I wish all cats were as lucky as Edie.

Edie - Christmas

All the BEST in 2013,

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2 Responses to Christmas Pictures of Past Fosters

  1. Connie Archambault says:

    Love happy endings, even if these were actually happy beginnings for these sweet kitties. Keep up the good work in 2013 and all the best to you and your kitties.

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