Scooter the Neutered Cat

I hope everyone had a GREAT long weekend.

Below is a videos of Scooter the Neutered Cat he is hip spectacles. No testicles. The suave neutered cat every Tom wants to be.

Thank you Give them Ten for putting this video together and helping spread the message of how important it is to have cats spayed and neutered. I’m looking forward to the day no animal is euthanized for time and space.

Have a Fantastic Day!!

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31 Cats and 4 dogs Rescue Pictures

I can’t believe it has been forever since I have blogged. I also can’t believe summer is half over. My non cat rescue life has been very busy, consuming a lot of my focus and time. I have managed to squeeze in some cat rescue, and, believe it or not, a bit of dog rescue. Plenty to blog about, but todays blog will be of the 31 cats and 4 dogs I have helped transport in July. I’m hoping this will help get the cobwebs out of my blog writing skills.

As always, I would like to thank everyone who helped make these rescue pictures possible.

Hug a Fur baby today.

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RIP – Minnie



Minnie passed away Thursday April 10th. She was much loved by her brother Louis, her Mom Terri, Dad Brian, plus her hummies and me of course.

A little background on Minnie and Louis’ rescue:
One of my favourite true rescue transports was November 2, 2012. I transported Minnie and Louis to their retirement miracle, an AMAZING furever home with Terri and Brian. Minnie and Louis came into HAS as owner surrenders, when their owner went into the hospital. The family said if he came home he would have less work to do. I’m sure if he ever found out what his family did his heart would be broken. With family like that who needs enemies. The family listed their ages as 28 yrs for Minnie and 20 yrs for Louis. I guess we can be thankful the family did not leave them out in the elements to fend for themselves.

I was at HAS a few hours after they came in, picking up cats to transport to rescue, and by chance Kim pointed them out to me, saying how scared they were. I just couldn’t imagine how scared they were, their whole world had been turned upside down and the chances of them being rescued were not good.

By chance I mentioned Minnie and Louis in an email to Caroline that day. A few hours later Caroline emailed back to say her friend would adopt them. Arrangements were set in motion for me to pick up Minnie and Louis from HAS early the next morning. I met Terri, their new furever Mom in a parking lot off the 407 to deliver her new family members. This was one rescue where I truly felt good. Most of the time when I leave HAS I’m haunted by the kitties faces that I left behind, knowing that there is a very good chance they might not be lucky enough to have their rescue day.

Here is Minnie and Louis’ rescue story, with Terri’s permission in her words, as I would not be able to write Minnie’s story as well as her Mom:

Today I picked up the ashes of our little lady Minnie from Thistledown.

Minnie wasn’t with us for long but she was loved and cherished.

Back in 2012, I told my close friend Caroline that we were ready for another hummy cat and preferably a senior. In what seemed to be just days, Caroline was on the phone on Nov 1 telling me about 2 seniors that were turned in to Hamilton Animal Services….a high kill municipal “shelter”. Most cats only come out alive with the generous help of staff and rescue groups….adoption is rarely an option. This twosome were turned into HAS on Oct 31, 2012….little Minnie and her black buddy Louis. Poor Minnie was so distressed that she had bloodied her face on the cage.

Well, after telling Brian of their plight and likely fate in the coming 24 hours (Minnie was surrendered as being 28 years old and Louis as 18 years), it took him all of – um – 2 seconds to say “oh go get them!” BTW, it appears that their ages were each overstated by about 10 years.

So, on Nov 2 at 6:00 am, I met Kim (transport angel) in a dark parking lot of an industrial building along Hwy 407. Kim had already been to HAS earlier in the night/morning and secured their release. Two strangers in the middle of nowhere transferring 2 frightened kitties. All based on trust and referrals. It was the first time I even had an idea of what they looked like.

As with all new hummies, these 2 had a period of quarantine in the upstairs guest room. Following their lengthy quarantine (Minnie had a URI) and a slow introduction to the resident hummy cats through a gate, we finally let them out. While Louis was quite happy to exit the confines of the bedroom, Minnie was at home there. She had a little cubby there and seemed very content with that as her world. When she wanted attention and food, she would simply stand at the door (which overlooks our family room) and meow with a voice much bigger than her and we ran to her service.

We would bring Minnie downstairs. She would go back up. Downstairs. Upstairs. Eventually she found a place on the sofa next to Brian. Still, she would go back to her room after a while. Finally, on Nov 2 – her anniversary – Minnie spent the night on the sofa. That was it…she never spent another night upstairs.

Once on the sofa, that became Minnie’s home. Like a little old lady, Minnie loved to sit and be petted and watch TV. Brian was her buddy. If she was hungry, she let us know by sitting on the sofa arm – right next to the kitchen – and shout at us to feed her or give her some attention.

Early this year, her recurring bladder infections demanded closer scrutiny. X-ray followed by ultra-sound revealed what we had not suspected ….. a large mass in her bladder. The news was not good….surgery was not recommended and there were no treatment options.

We did our best to keep her comfortable with homeopathy and pain killers and we hoped she would have more time. Last weekend she was in the garden sniffing and exploring. When she could, she would sleep in a sunbeam. Unfortunately the blood in her urine grew darker, she lost weight and we knew there wasn’t much more we could do for her.

After starting to refuse food and then not eating for over 2 days, Minnie had a crisis on Thursday. It was time. Once again, Dr. Annabel was available to help. And we had phone support from Drs Carolyn and Cynthia. Minnie left us gently at home, on her spot on the sofa.

There’s now an empty space on the sofa. I see her there.

Big hugs to all those who helped Minnie….Caroline, Kim, Dr. Cynthia, Dr. Carolyn and Dr. Annabel. Without Caroline and Kim, Minnie would have been a sad number in HAS’s statistics. We think she had a good life with us and there were certainly plenty of hums from that old girl. We may not have been the home she had known and loved but, she was doted on and pampered as best we could.

I hope not be writing another one of these emails for a long time. I am feeling quite lost without Minnie and Brock. Thank goodness for the other hummy cats. Please hug all your furry family.

Minnie and Louis’ rescue picture

As you can see from the before and after, Minnie and Louis are well loved.

Thank you Terri and Brian for being Minnie and Louis’ retirement miracle, please know that Minnie loved you both very much.

I truly believe there was someone from above watching over Minnie and Louis the day they were surrendered to HAS. For everything to fall into place as it did, so they could have the retirement home and love that all kitties deserve.

Please take a moment to remember your treasured memories of your furry loved ones past and present.

May all your dreams come true in kitty heaven.

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February’s Transport Rescue 28 Cats and Jack

Below are the pictures of the 28 cats I helped transport in February. They are all safely waiting for their furever people to find them. Plus the first dog I’ve helped transport, Jack.

Thank you to all who helped make these rescue pictures possible. By working together, we can make a difference and one day all cats will have the happy life they so deserve.

It’s hard to believe I have transported hundreds of cats, a dozen plus guinea pigs and rats, a few bunnies and even a boa constrictor, but never a dog in the 3 plus years I have been helping with transport until Jack. I was asked to help transport Jack.

Jack’s transport was different than my other transports; he didn’t need to be rescued, his family loves him very much. In January I picked Jack up at the airport and transported him to Guelph. He was flying into Toronto from Newfoundland for a 5 week stay at the University of Guelph Animal Cancer Centre for treatments. Jack had been diagnosed with cancer at only 3 years young, and the best place for Jack’s cancer to be treated successfully was at Guelph’s Animal Cancer Centre, in Guelph Ontario. What an AMAZING place the Animal Cancer Centre is. They gave Dean and I a tour of the Centre, where Jack would be staying for 5 weeks. Since Jack lived so far away and would be staying at the centre during his treatment, the staff was looking at ways to make Jack’s stay as pleasant as possible. In other words, Jack was going to be spoiled during his stay. They also kept in constant contact with Jack’s mom with updates on how Jack was doing, by phone and email. Jack received the all’s clear to go home on Valentines day. When we picked Jack up at the centre to go home, you could tell Jack was well looked after during his hospital stay. Wishing you Jack a long and happy life. Also wishing my father in law Jack the same recovery from his cancer battle.

Wishing Everyone a long and happy life.

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Rescue Pictures – Last of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 – 65 Kitties

Sorry for the delay on posting the rescue pictures. Below are the rescue pictures from the last of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

As always, these rescue pictures would not be possible without the hard work of a lot of cat loving people, working together to realize the dream of one day where every cat is loved.

Special Thank you to my Grandma for inspiring me in so many ways, you taught me more than you will ever know. I will treasure our moments we had together. Until we meet again. Love you always, Kim.

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102415 Mom and 5 kittens – Happy Beginnings

As most of you are aware HAS sent out pleas this week for two families that needed to be rescued from HAS. The cat rescue world went to work sending out pleas and getting the word out that these two families needed to be rescued ASAP, as their time at HAS was about to expire. I’m very HAPPY to report that both families have been rescued and are now safely in foster homes waiting for their furever families to find them. I did not have the pleasure of transporting either family to their foster homes. I did have the pleasure of spending a few minutes with 102415 mom and 5 kittens, before I went to work one day this week. What a GREAT way to start my day.

Below are a few pictures I took of mom and 5 kittens.

These pictures would not be possible, if not for the people working together trying to save the HAS cats.

Have a GREAT Weekend Everyone,

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Rescue Pictures 9 cats, 4 GP, 1 Bunny and Rat

Below are the rescue pictures: 9 cats, 4 guinea pigs, 1 bunny and 1 Rat, all rescued from HAS. Sometimes I think people tend to forget that HAS has more than just cats. But in actuality HAS has a lot of different animals there at any given time, that need to be rescued. No matter what animal you are looking for, you will always be able to find my favourite breed “Rescued”.

A couple notes:
100594 – Kumari delivered her babies four days after being rescued.
Sage the stray guinea pig, came in with a tumor on her face, she is now in a loving home, where her tumor will be monitored and removed if the vet recommends it.

Wishing all the animals the bright future everyone deserves.

Thank you everyone for making these pictures possible, it is truly a team effort.

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Rescue Pictures 17 Lucky Cats

Attached are the rescue pictures of the 17 lucky kitties, that I helped transport last week.

PS – It is very hard to take a picture of 4 little kittens full of energy and life.

Thank you to Everyone for making these rescue pictures possible.

Have a GREAT Weekend,

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Rescue Pictures 51 Lucky Kitties

Hard to believe that fall is here, summer went by so quickly.

Attached are the rescue pictures of the cats that I have helped transport over the last half of the summer, including today’s rescue pictures.

The rescue pictures below are only possible when we work together to save the lives of these precious kitties.

Thank you to all who help make this world a better place for our furry friends.

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Help Stop the Littering

So true.

Thank you Connie for the email.

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